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Life Skills & Coaching

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Instructor: CA Aishwarya Khandelwal Kapoor

Language: Hinglish

Validity Period: 91 days

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Having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life, and this course covers the fundamentals of the life skills that lead to success and happiness. Discovering who you are is discovering the jewel in you. This course aims at equipping you with tools to unearth the hidden treasure in YOU!
Mastering life skills will make you irresistibly valuable to everyone that recognizes your value. You’ll become a much sought-after person for strong networks from loved ones to business associates and employers.  This course will equip you with skills in self-awareness, stress management, self-esteem, self-advocacy, adaptation and agility, effective communication, empathy, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

In this course:

  • You’ll develop strong communication skills, including powerful listening skills and vital questioning skills that will allow you to help clients develop a better understanding of themselves.  
  • You’ll learn core life coaching tools, including goal-setting exercises and accountability tips to help you empower your clients to follow through and achieve their goals.  
  • You'll learn to value yourself and develop high self-esteem.
  • Unexpected life changes will no longer throw you off balance! 
  • You'll learn how to anticipate change, contextualize it and prepare for it in advance.
  • You’ll be able to adapt to change and develop agility in an ever-changing global village.
  • You'll develop empathy and manage conflict for better relationships.
  • You'll learn how to negotiate for a win-win solution in any conflict. You’ll effectively communicate your needs, wants, thoughts and feelings.
  • You'll develop and maintain healthy relationships that position you for success.
  • You’re about to learn how to positively cope with your emotions and overcome life’s challenges.
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