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Become a Master Networker (3 Months Subscription)

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Instructor: CA Raj K Agrawal

Language: Hinglish

Validity Period: 91 days

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In this course, we're going to talk about how you can grow and improve your professional network today. By first starting with the existing connections we have, we'll show how virtually anyone in any situation can actively increase their network size and reach.

Without a strong, deep and diverse network you're limiting your opportunities to learn, grow and expand the breadth of your experience and expertise.

This course will teach you how to be better at creating a personal network, through casting a wide, but purposeful net to build the relationships you'll need to achieve your goals and how to take care of those relationships for mutual success.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your personal and professional network? 
  • What to do after attending networking events? 
  • How to get prepared to attend digital networking events? 
  • How to build your confidence so you can go to networking events and start making new connections? 
  • How to know how to get other people to refer you and your business? 
  • How to grow your business through relationship management? 
  • How to understand the basics of business networking as well as start developing your own bespoke networking strategy? 
  • How to spot new opportunities through networking? 
  • How to develop your career by building relationships and meeting new contacts? 
  • How to enjoy learning something new that will help you develop in your career?
  • Nothing is more important to the success of your career, your business, or your life than your ability to network. 

A great network can help you land that perfect job, raise money for your startup, and give you the advice to reach all of your important goals.

This course will guide you to find the right people to network with. These are individuals who are smart, well connected and who want to help you achieve great success. 

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